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It is common requirement nowadays to provide onsite WiFi services for events, be it trade show exhibitions, conferences, training seminars, roadshows or other corporate events.

However, event venue itself does not always have suitable WiFi services to support the requirements. The venue may have lower speed WiFi for general use and may not support the requirements for high speed and secure WiFi connections with customized WiFi name and Password. And, the venue WiFi may not be able to support large number of concurrent WiFi connections required for the event.

We provide customized solutions with high-speed, secure and scalable WiFi connections that can be deployed quickly onsite to meet such requirements. To provide customized WiFi solution, it is important to understand the types of usage needed for the WiFi connections, whether it is for service counter registration purpose, general Internet access for attendees to access websites, download documents, or to do online polls/survey during the event. And for the event speakers, the requirement may also include high-speed Internet access for application demo or video streaming during the presentation. Other factors to consider are onsite signal coverage and venue size for WiFi coverage. A site survey and testing would be recommended for bigger size event.


Live Streamed Online

We also support hybrid or virtual event live streaming Internet connection (both LAN/Wired or WiFi connections). We provide multiple links for higher speed aggregate bandwidth and redundancy links.


Internet solutions for events

In summary, we need to consider the following requirements (factors) to provide good WiFi services for events:

  • Types of usage intended for the WiFi connection for example Web surfing, Application download, Application demo, Email, Video streaming, etc
  • Number of concurrent WiFi connections required
  • WiFi Name and Password grouping requirement
    (One single WiFi name and Password for all WiFi connections or different groupings of WiFi name and Password)
  • Area size for WiFi coverage
  • Onsite mobile signal strength

We customize WiFi solutions by taking into consideration the above requirements to provide better Internet WiFi connectivity services during the whole event session.

We provide both WiFi for indoor events and also WiFi for outdoor events. If you require Internet services for your events, please contact us for quotation.