Social Powered WiFi hotspots | Connect with Your Customers

Social WiFi enables customers to connect to your social powered WiFi hotspot using their Facebook social media profiles, making login simple and easy.

Once customers are logged in via Facebook login, they will first see your Facebook business page. You can create a custom Facebook business page to encourage customers interactions and this will help to boost your social media presence. And. with Facebook Insights, you can understand who your customers are and drive meaningful marketing campaigns.

Majority of people now have Facebook accounts, but customers without Facebook account can also login via the WiFi code, so nobody is denied the WiFi access. You can also specify the duration of usage such as 6 hours, 12 hours, 1 day and so on before a re-login is required to access Internet WiFi.

Benefits of Social Wifi Marketing

Logging into a Hotspot WiFi network can be a bit of a hassle with password. Facebook social media authentication provides your customer a simple one button sign-in option

Social powered WiFi hotspot helps you to connect and understand your customers. You can gain insights on demographic and behavioral data, increase customer engagement, and market to your event visitors.

Social Wifi Solutions

Turn your WiFi Hotspot service into a social powered WiFi Hotspot  and engage with your customers through Facebook page. Contact us for social wifi solutions to create social powered WiFi hotspot to connect with your customers.